Our team consists of machinists, mechanics, fitters, and designers. We rebuild, rework, and restore vintage auto components for the British sports car enthusiast. We have a ‘no compromise’ philosophy when it comes to workmanship and the components used in our projects, which reflects our pride and passion in our craft. Please feel free to contact us for your custom project. We look forward to your challenge, however unique or one-of-a kind it may be.


Some components by their original design can have a weak point, leading to premature failure, or undesirable handling. These are the items that we need to rethink, redesign and find a permanent solution for. The result should not change the overall look or performance in a negative way.

Here is a set of rear axles from an early Triumph Spitfire, where the original axle bearing uses the shaft as the bearing inner race. The result of years of running is a worn in groove, producing a weak fracture point on a critical stressed component. Our solution is to upgrade the bearing size, along with that comes a hardened inner race that is replaceable, and therefore a solution to prevent and fix axle shaft damage.


When our customers entrust us with their one of a kind parts, we take a no compromise approach to component replacement and workmanship. Upon dismantle and inspection, a plan of rework or replacement is established and communicated back to the customer. After reaching an agreement we proceed through to return shipping.

Here is a differential gear unit that requires a case separator to spread the casting such that the carrier can be removed/installed, allowing the proper bearing preload to be established. With the use of proven purchased components, we ensure our confidence in the result being enjoyed for years. This particular differential has an experimental LSD unit installed. Upon further testing this unit will be added to our upgrade component list.


With car parts that can be very hard to find or replace, we pride ourselves on taking our experience and skill to a level that makes certain these parts can be returned to original spec and perform better than ever expected.

As shown here our capabilities include the ability to make components that are today, not available, or are beyond reach due to availability and/or price. We look forward to “Driving Vintage Forward.”


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